Private: It’s a recession…get your guilt-free shop on

I’m going to kick myself later for this when I see you glossed out in the same thing as me…but whatever, here it goes.

This weekend i’ll be getting my last minute recessionary shopping at:

Zachary Smile – one of my fave half vintage/half private label shops in Noho is wrapping up their month-long attic sale…check them out @ 303 Mulberry/Bleecker.

Strand – this bookstore is a block away from my job & has become one of my new fave spots in the city. B&N meets your local library.  Books are old anyway, right?  I just bought Sex & the City (the o.g. book) & four  blondes for SUPER CHEAP.  Get involved.

Barney’s Warehouse sale – I haven’t had time to stop by at all this month.  Things are coming to a close, which probably means everything is undesirable and size XL, but we shall see.  As usual, i’ll go wearing the easiest thing to get in & out of, because I buy NOTHING without trying on first.

Happy Shopping 🙂